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National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) was founded in 1980 in Kaohsiung and became one of the fastest growing universities in Taiwan and in Asia. NSYSU has endeavored to pursue excellence in teaching and research and has received generous funding from the Ministry of Education under the “Aiming for Top University Plan” (or the ““Five-Year-Five-Billion Project”). With Six colleges including Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering, Management, Marine Sciences, and Social Sciences, NSYSU offers 21 Bachelor’s, 38 Masters and 27 Doctoral Programs. There are currently 9,547 students enrolled and 467 full-time faculty members.

Currently, there are nearly 400 International students at NSYSU as the University offers many courses taught in English. Also, the Chinese Language Center provides different levels of courses to improve language and to know the culture.

Besides academic and research prestige, the university campus is situated by both the ocean and the mountain where water sports like surfing and boat sailing by the beach. Interesting species such as macaque monkeys and Cacatus parrots which add multiplex life for faculties and students.

Excellence in Teaching
The NSYSU has cultivated the concept a “people-oriented” campus based on Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s educational philosophy of “extensive learning thorough inquiry, careful consideration, a clear discrimination, and diligent practice”. Through the sharing of educational and research resources, NSYSU has integrated the universities in the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area to create an academic sanctuary dedicated to “local features, national competitiveness, and worldwide focus.

Integrate the future development of Kaohsiung and the vision of a “top university in a great city” to make NSYSU the UCSD of Taiwan. Guided by the educational philosophy of "contribution to society through cultivating leaders across all fields", the NSYSU will become the driving force in education, research and industrial development for Greater Kaohsiung.


Kaohsiung City

National Sun Yat-Sen University

Office of College of Management, 70 Lien-hai Rd.
80424 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
+886 7 525 2000

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