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Austin College is a private, residential, co-educational college dedicated to educating undergraduate students in the liberal arts and sciences. Also offered are select pre-professional programs and a graduate teacher education program. Austin College continues its relationship with the church. It is committed to a heritage that values personal growth, justice, community, and service. An Austin College education emphasizes academic excellence, intellectual and personal integrity, and participation in community life. Thus, Austin College affirms the importance of a community that, through its size, diversity, and programs fosters lively intellectual and social interaction among persons of different origins, experiences, beliefs, accomplishments, and goals; a program that does not discriminate with regard to religion or creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, physical disability, age, or economic status; a faculty that acknowledges teaching, sustained by an active commitment to professional growth and development, as its primary responsibility; a student body of committed learners, actively involved in the programs of the college and service to the greater community; a climate of civility and respect that encourages free inquiry and the open expression of ideas; a non-sectarian education that fosters the exploration and development of values through an awareness of the world’s religious, philosophical, and cultural traditions.

The mission of Austin College is to educate students in the liberal arts and sciences to prepare them for rewarding careers and for full, engaged, and meaningful lives.



North Grand Avenue,900
75090 Sherman, Texas, USA

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