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The Mission of the College of Arts and Sciences of Georgia Southwestern State University is to provide educational opportunities that emphasize intellectual development, knowledge, leadership, and skills that will allow students to prosper throughout their lives as productive, informed, involved citizens. The College strives to provide an environment where the free exchange of ideas, high standards of scholarship, and creativity prevail. The College is committed to offering educational opportunities that meet the needs of its students through fundamental course work for the University and by offering major programs that assist students in clarifying and achieving their professional and educational goals.

The College of Arts and Sciences supports the mission of Georgia Southwestern by providing outstanding education in the Core Curriculum as well as degrees in a wide array of disciplines. The use of evidence-based best practices in instruction along with ongoing assessments of student learning ensure the excellence of our educational programs. Intellectual, personal, and social growth for students, faculty, staff, and the community are fostered through active programs of creative and scholarly work, co-curricular opportunities, and engagement with the community.



31709 Americus, Georgia, USA

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